Working Together with Eaton to Advance Pump Technology

eatonQuantumFlo’s partnership with Eaton, a diversified company with energy-efficient solutions for electrical, hydraulic and mechanical power, is highlighted by the incorporation of Eaton technology into our advanced pump control solutions. A solution was needed for our systems and we worked with Eaton to offer our customers the most advanced pumping solutions possible.

When we developed the Atom Simplex Light pressure booster, we experienced accuracy issues with regards to the detection of lower flow conditions. The booster pump solution was developed to meet the challenge of consistent water pressure in high-volume geographical growth areas, including restaurants and strip malls. Accuracy is a major part of delivering reliable water pressure and with the desire to meet the needs of our residential and commercial customers; the capabilities of Eaton’s M-Max variable frequency drive provided the perfect solution.

With the M-Max, QuantumFlo can provide a pump control solution and a complete control solution combined in one package. Together with the IP21 conduit kit, we’ve been able to achieve advancements in energy and functionality, along with eliminating the need for complex wiring that would be required with the control panel and the programmable logic controller (PLC).

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