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QuantumFlo has provided solutions for a wide array of industries and corporations across the globe.

Success Stories

When Hyatt Place came to QuantumFlo with their monthly spending, the solution was simple – a new replacement pumping system. Poor commercial plumbing of any caliber, when not accurately monitored, will waste valuable resources and a great deal of money. With a five-story, 126 room hotel, this was exactly the problem.

QuantumFlo’s team worked closely on site with Hyatt, installing meters and running a careful analysis of system voltage and consumption. After determining the issues of their existing pump, the Syncroflo Duplex Constant Speed, QuantumFlo replaced it with the Duplex Prodigy 3 H.P System and began to run a new analysis. The results were astonishing. Calculating numbers on total hours and kilowatt usage by day, month and year, Hyatt went from spending $3080.00 a year to $405.58.

The Building Chief of Bank of America’s 42-story high rise Tampa office tower approached QuantumFlo with a very complex issue consisting of pumps wasting water to drains and overall poor energy usage. With the considerable amount of water loss, they were wasting upwards of $2,000.00 in energy and sewer costs.

After thoroughly evaluating the existing conditions, QuantumFlo stepped in with a new, state-of-the-art, complete retrofit system. Within months, their office building was reporting a savings of 977 kilowatt usage per day in addition to $23,138.00 savings for the entire year.

Mid-South Wire wanted to diversify their product line of carbon steel wire to add galvanized coating and other new products. They had the equipment to perform these operations, but they needed a customized process cooling and coating system for the new wire drawing line to be a success. The Mid-South Wire team called on T.J. O’Brien, the QuantumFlo HVAC and process systems specialist in Nashville, to help apply QuantumFlo’s fabrication expertise to their design systems. QuantumFlo’s dedication to high-performing and quality designed pump packages meshed perfectly with Mid-South Wire’s values and approach to product design.

QuantumFlo delivered five systems for various processes throughout the plant, not only meeting their required specifications on-time and within budget, but also delivering clean and beautifully-designed pump systems that Mid-South Wire proudly displays in their mechanical viewing area for customers in the newly-renovated facility.

The plumbing contractor on this project had delayed the installation of a packaged pump, believing that the plumbing of his hotel project could run without a domestic water booster. Soon enough, the need became evident as they got closer to the opening of this particular Holiday Inn and learned that a packaged solution was a must for operation. Holiday Inn had been using Bell & Gossett ITT (B&G) products as a corporate standard, however, B&G could not produce the system in time for their opening.

QuantumFlo produced a customized Prodigy Series package just one week after the contractor placed the order, ensuring a successful opening of that Holiday Inn location through appropriate equipment—an efficient pump with the right booster. The General Contractor was so impressed that he has since elected to use QuantumFlo for all future projects.

Walmart was re-configuring an existing store and working on a very tight deadline. The retail giant had exclusive agreements with a competitor, who was unable to perform within the allotted time period, finding themselves in a predicament. QuantumFlo shipped a customized Prodigy pump in less than two weeks and our representative walked the contractor through start-up late in the night and well into the early hours of the morning.

The contractor became so impressed with the simplicity of the pump system and the fact that it was pre-set at the factory (a plug & play system) that he passed on the information to Walmart corporate. QuantumFlo has since received a second order for another store location in Indiana and have forecasted more in the future.

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