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Although QuantumFlo, Inc. was founded in 2007, our roots extend farther back to January 2002, when David Carrier partnered with another company which produced variable speed plumbing solutions exclusively. David departed that organization and started QuantumFlo in February of 2007 with 85 percent of his representatives from the previous venture and immediate business requests to continue doing what he does best: building high-quality, variable speed booster packages.

As the current industry leader in variable speed technology for plumbing systems, QuantumFlo continues to exert its influence over the market. A decade ago it was unusual to see any manufacturer developing or even promoting variable speed boosters. However, due to QuantumFlo’s efforts, the industry has made a dramatic 180 degree turn to incorporating variable speed pump systems as the de facto standard for plumbing pressure control.

With nearly 100 years combined industry experience, QuantumFlo has promoted and expanded the new packaged system technologies to the pump systems market. QuantumFlo is proud of its heritage as a pioneer of variable speed technology that has now become the standard of the plumbing industry worldwide.

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