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QuantumFlo Brochure

Our QuantumFlo Brochure offers a corporate overview and product details. Click below to download an interactive PDF with clickable links.

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Rainwater Reclamation

Turn rainy days into pay days with our rainwater filtration & pumping systems. These precision pumps and controls are specifically designed for rainwater reclamation for irrigation and facilities management.

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2023 Wilo Family of Brands Product Guide

Check out this year’s Wilo product guide featuring the products of Wilo, Scot Pump, Weil Pump, American-Marsh Pumps, and QuantumFlo.

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calQflo® is our online booster system sizing and selector software that matches your specs to the best system selections and solutions to ensure excellent efficiency and ROI.

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Genius Series

Genius is our vertical multi-stage, multi-configurable package that features vertical diffuser pumps in a variety of system configurations for LOW FLOW, HIGH PRESSURE boosting.

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Prodigy Series

Prodigy is our end-suction, duplex economy package which features centrifugal pumps of up to 10 HP and 4″ header sizes for HIGH FLOW, LOW PRESSURE boosting.

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WisperFlo™ Series

WisperFlo™ is our submersible multi-stage turbine, multi-configurable package which features highly reliable borehole pumps in a variety of system configurations for HIGH FLOW, HIGH PRESSURE boosting.

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TransferFlo Series

TransferFlo is our most advanced control panel built for most submersible pump uses and can be custom designed and configured to work with special products or applications.

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How a Custom Pump System Slayed an Energy Vampire

Read how QuantumFlo’s custom pump system reduced a building’s energy usage by 85% in the first year with just a 9 month payback period.

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Constant Speed Booster Replacement Systems

QuantumFlo specializes in expertly designed variable speed booster systems that save thousands in annual electrical costs and generate a return within months of ownership.

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QuantumFlo University: WisperFlo™ Noise Study

A controlled noise study of QuantumFlo’s Triplex WisperFlo™ system.

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ANSI/ASHRAE/IES Challenges Solved with GreenFloTM Software

Variable speed pressure boosting has clearly become the de-facto pumping control standard. Manufacturers are required to establish a well-planned direction on how these controls are used to optimally reduce energy consumption within a project site.

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The Age of Pump Optimization and the Impact on Sustainable Design

We live in an age of energy optimization. It seems the world has finally rallied around the idea that addressing wasted energy in pumping applications represents a huge financial gain to owners and a substantial efficiency gain to energy providers.

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Breaking the Hydro-pneumatic Habit for Boosters

For some strange reason that is beyond my comprehension, some designers and consultants seem to have an affinity for hydro-pneumatic tanks. When I ask for a reason, it’s always the same: “I need a hydro tank for shutdown of my booster system.”

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