Who is QuantumFlo and Why Do You Need our Innovative Variable Pressure Pumps?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live without running water or electricity?  What about trying to drive a car without power steering or cruise control?  In fact, where would our world be without any type of transportation?  These are just a few of the many innovations that we cannot live without, particularly after we have become accustomed to having them. 

About 10-15 years ago, the plumbing industry was able to pressurize buildings and maintain that pressure through the use of constant speed pumps with hydraulically-controlled pressure maintenance valves.  In hindsight, this was incredibly inefficient, but innovation has its way of making old technology obsolete very quickly.

In 2010, the industry began a bold move toward energy conservation as a way to achieve sustainability goals and the ANSI/ASHRAE/IES Standard 90.1 for energy efficiency essentially outlawed the use of constant speed pump systems in commercial and high-rise buildings. Such a standard for energy efficiency is now included in the LEED carbon-footprint vernacular.

(Read more about the ANSI/ASHRAE/IES Standard 90.1 for energy efficiency by following this link.)

If you walk any water-related trade show you will see this dramatic change in pressure control in many manufacturers that are now on-board with variable speed pressure control. There is no going backward now as constant speed pressure control is like driving a horse and buggy down Main Street when compared to variable speed. The best part about all of this innovation is that we saw this trend long before it became trendy or even recognized for its incredible energy efficiency.

That said, QuantumFlo is the first manufacturer to develop an ENTIRE product line for variable speed control, rather than converting a constant speed product line to work with variable speed drives.  And this is what sets us apart from our contemporaries. As someone who was involved in the market since 1982, I began to see the move toward variable speed drives in the late 1980’s and the 1990’s, predominant in the HVAC business, but non-existent in regulating pressure in plumbing systems.

In 2001, as a global sales manager at a controls company in Chicago, I began researching this emerging market and by 2003, I decided that I would jump in with both feet, developing a pressure booster product line with variable speed control, rather than constant speed with hydraulic control.  At that time, we didn’t even offer a constant speed product, electing to offer a variable speed alternative even though the system may have been designed the old way.

After seeing the need to change the market and the entire pressure booster industry, QuantumFlo was conceived based on a world of opportunity in the horizon. I then decided to leave that other company in 2007 and struck out on my own to develop, innovate and promote the product that I was so passionate about back in 2001.  I was immediately joined by 85 percent of my U.S. representatives from that previous venture on Day One—that’s how revolutionary QuantumFlo became.

All of these hard-working industry experts joined me in believing that the future of the market began with variable speed pressure control.  Today, QuantumFlo is the undisputed industry leader in variable-speed pumping systems and the innovator of the PID controlled plumbing system—and there is no other company in the industry with the breadth of experience and credentials to help engineers and contractors, size, select and install these systems.

This is one of many more blog articles from QuantumFlo, developed to help you understand the opportunity, benefits, advantages and value of our innovative products. I hope you enjoy the information and market intelligence these blogs have to offer and invite you to contact me personally to learn more about everything our company has to offer. I welcome your feedback and questions—and remember that we are here to help promote this exceptional new technology that brings a new solution to an old problem in the industry.

David Carrier

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