QuantumFlo Releases GreenFlo™ to Meet Energy Standard for Buildings

greenflo-eblastWe are now helping building owners and supervisors meet growing regulations and standards with GreenFlo™, an algorithm solution that has been added into the software for our packaged pump systems and allows for low water flow detection and the necessary corresponding pump adjustments.

In October, the ANSI/ASHRAE/IES Standard 90.1 – 2010, or “Energy Standard for Buildings” as it’s commonly known, continued the focus on energy consumption on project sites by requiring buildings to have some kind of logic circuit that detects low water flow and adjust pumps accordingly. We have taken another step forward in pump technology with GreenFlo™, which addresses the new standards and integrates with our industry-leading software solution, iQFlo™.

The updates will require a choice between two types of systems to meet the regulations for building supervisors and property owners. They can either get a transducer mounted by a contractor at the remote point in the field or provide an algorithm within the system to simulate the actions of a transducer. GreenFlo™ is an advanced version of the latter of the two choices, simplifying the cost and using superior logic strategy to go above and beyond the new standards.

GreenFlo™ is an algorithm built into the current iQFlo™ software package, providing complete automation without any additional costs for a contractor. It takes advantage of our superior logic strategy with high speed ModBus RTU native controls and streaming data, requiring no other equipment costs.

This is just the latest way that we are striving to assert ourselves as the leader in pressure boosting and controls technologies, as we stay committed to energy efficiency, sustainable design, superior workmanship quality and industry leadership.

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