Pump Solutions Leader Increases Top Industry Partnerships by Providing Eco-Friendly Innovations

Quantumflo President David Carrier
Quantumflo President David Carrier discusses newest methods and innovative technologies with representatives and industry partners.

QuantumFlo’s latest in efficiency technology increases their network of quality representatives.

QuantumFlo, the world’s leading manufacturer of pre-packaged water pump systems for commercial and industrial applications, is sparking interest across existing and new industry partners through their commitment to innovation of new products and providing of the most efficient control technologies for integrated packaged pumping solutions.

With current innovations like their new operating system, iQFlo, many specialists have taken notice of QuantumFlo’s unique capabilities and decades of control experience—key qualities that have allowed the company to rise to the top of the variable speed pressure booster market. Looking to offer effective, innovative pumping solutions, more and more high-end representatives are teaming up with companies such as QuantumFlo to raise the bar on efficiency standards.

Constantly looking for the most efficient and cost-effective solutions, QuantumFlo’s representative goals are to promote the best products to the construction, architectural, consulting and project management industries. By ensuring value by bringing eco-friendly innovations directly to the decision makers that drive business in these arenas, these recommendations help to keep companies aligned with current industry trends with cutting-edge products.

As regulations and social responsibility continue to challenge developers in industrial markets to enhance power savings along with system energy performance, QuantumFlo is leading the efforts to reduce the carbon footprint inefficient pumping packages leave behind.

Among the list of representatives that have recently joined the QuantumFlo team includes Wales-Darby, a solutions provider to the plumbing and HVAC industries. Since the partnership, the group has seen increases in quality through offering QuantumFlo’s green products.

“With the latest innovations in this industry being developed by QuantumFlo, the choice to switch preferred manufacturers was simple,” says Brian Darby, CEO of Wales-Darby. “The resources and availability we received when working with QuantumFlo have already given us an advantage when delivering efficient solutions for large-scale and time-sensitive projects.”

Like Wales Darby, numerous additions to the QuantumFlo Representative Team are experiencing similar results when promoting the integrated pumping solutions to their customers and client base.

QuantumFlo is showing its dedication to all their representatives across the world through offering reward programs, rep-specific resource websites and its ongoing commitment to excellence through innovation.

As a member of the US Green Building Council, QuantumFlo supports teaming up with representatives who value efficiency in products, services and processes to further deliver the highest quality LEED compliant solutions to the industry.


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QuantumFlo is a leader in the manufacturing and distribution of advanced packaged pump systems for commercial plumbing, HVAC, municipal, irrigation and industrial market applications. Our innovative pump technology includes aftermarket applications for the modification, upgrade and retrofit of aging or obsolete pumps systems. Based in Central Florida, QuantumFlo’s pre-packaged pump systems are exported to more than 23 countries.

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