QuantumFlo Hires New Regional Sales Manager

Meet Vincent Vario, North Region Sales Manager

QuantumFlo is Growing!

QuantumFlo, the leader in variable speed boosters and booster operating technology, is pleased to announce the addition of a new Regional Sales Manager, and lateral moves within the company by the Vice President of Sales, and the Founder & CEO.

New North Region Sales Manager Covering Northern U.S. & Canada

Vincent Vario, a Northeastern U.S. native, has a 20-year history of growing and developing sales and marketing organizations in industrial and manufacturing related industries. Vince brings a wealth of prior experience, from business owner to senior leadership professional, and has a particularly keen understanding of the manufacturing, commercial HVAC, plumbing and fire protection markets. His experience has allowed him to use his skillsets to solve complicated issues.  This provides a method for success for all the Representatives that are part of his sales team, making him an ideal fit for his new role at QuantumFlo.

We are very excited to welcome Vince to the team! He has a great skillset, knack, and head for sales, and we see much possibility for expansion and growth in the North Region with his “can do” demeanor and attitude.

Ed Ross, Vice President of Sales &
South Region Sales Manager

QuantumFlo Employees ‘Flo-ing to New Roles

Vince will take over the North Region, previously covered by Vice President of Sales, Ed Ross. Ed will shift to cover the South Region, previously managed by CEO, David Carrier, and David will focus his attention on international expansion into the South American and Caribbean markets. David has pulled “double duty” serving as CEO and the South Region Sales Manager for the past three years. The hiring of Vince makes it possible for David to return to the control tower and set his sights on the up-and-coming international markets. QuantumFlo is poised for a strong growth year, and now with the right people in the right positions, we can continue towards tackling our company goals.

RoseAnn Di Giovanni, West Region Sales Manager, had minor shifts and adjustments to her territory, which covers most of the states west of the Mississippi, half of Texas and western Canada.

I’m really proud of my team and the work we have all done to grow QuantumFlo to this point. I see a lot of potential opportunities, and I’m looking forward to refocusing and being able to pursue them again. With Vince on board and Ed and RoseAnn all working together, we can offer excellent sales and business development support to our network of independent sales representatives. QuantumFlo’s future’s looking bright!

David Carrier, President & CEO

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QuantumFlo  is the world leader in pumping and pump controls systems technologies. As the innovator of sizing and selection applications and rules for variable speed pumping and the pioneer in “technical pumping”, QuantumFlo applies creativity and out-of-the-box thinking to develop quality systems that maintain their integrity throughout the life of the product.

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