It’s Official: calQflo® is a Registered Trademark of QuantumFlo

We calQlate Great Things Ahead for this Intelligent Sizing Software…

calQflo® is a Registered Trademark

We calQlate Great Things Ahead for this Intelligent Sizing Software

We’re pleased to announce that calQflo® is now a registered trademark of QuantumFlo!

Over this past year, we’ve shared some exciting calQflo® news, including its updated logo and branding. Securing the registered trademark is just the next step in offering the very best for our customers. We chose to register the calQflo® name to further enhance the customer experience – it’s not just another trademarked word, it’s our promise to you! We will continue to provide the most innovative pump technology software and solutions.

The Magic of calQflo®

What makes calQflo® so special? Our engineers and programers have invested thousands of hours into the design and user experience. They have “calQlated” and “re-calQlated” in order to create a program that does exactly what you need – selecting the exact right system. Whether it’s for plumbing, HVAC, or other construction projects, calQflo®‘s algorithms determine the best solutions to meet your project’s unique needs.

This efficient online booster system sizing software gives you not only the right size booster system for your job, but the one that’s most energy-efficient. In fact, you can achieve 20-50% potential energy savings over other competitors’ variable speed systems. That’s savings you can take to the bank!

And best of all… we share calQflo® with you for free. Use calQflo® to ensure maximum return on your investment for the lowest cost possible.

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How easy is it to register with calQflo®? Pretty easy! We can explain it here in just a few minutes.

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Sign up today and let us help you calQlate the right specs for your next project.


An Exponential Leap in Pump Technology

QuantumFlo is the world leader in pumping and pump controls systems technologies. As the innovator of sizing and selection applications and rules for variable speed pumping and the pioneer in “technical pumping”, QuantumFlo applies creativity and out-of-the-box thinking to develop quality systems that maintain their integrity throughout the life of the product.

Our QuantumFlo packaged plumbing booster systems are custom-built to your specifications and compatible with all your current and upcoming applications. By guaranteeing on-time delivery and designing to global scalability, our products can ensure the quality and dependability you’re looking for.

calQflo® is a free and revolutionary online tool that matches you with the right specs to best fit your next project. Compute the most size-appropriate and energy-efficient systems for your projects quickly and easily with calQflo®’s user-friendly and intuitive design.

Earn calQflo® Rewards just for using calQflo® and redeem the points for QuantumFlo Swag. Create a free account on the Rewards site and start earning today!

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