Breaking News: A Refreshed Brand for Our Pump System Sizing Tool

New Identity Fully Reflects Robustness of Advanced Software

Here at QuantumFlo, the leading variable speed pump technology and systems manufacturer for commercial, HVAC, irrigation and industrial markets, we have significantly expanded the product offering and presence of our advanced sizing and spec program, compelling a new brand launch for the online booster system energy optimization tool: calQflo.

calQflo—previously known as EINSTEIN 3.0—delivers the same user experience, mobile design and easily-accessible information as its previous rendition. Additionally, our iQFlo™ booster operating technology and GreenFlo™ energy-algorithm are still built-in to the energy analysis capability of the software, ensuring that users continue to have an enhanced customer experience, maximum return on their investment and the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) in the industry.

“We rebranded the sizing tool to more accurately reflect everything it has to offer,” said David Carrier, CEO of QuantumFlo. “Our popular program allowing users to find the best pump solution they instantly need is staying the same in terms of everything except its name.”

calQflo’s new branding and logo are influenced by the overarching, intuitive process of the software. Personified with an intelligent-looking mascot and equipped with an action-based name, calQflo more easily conveys the software’s straightforward user navigation and how easily it computes and selects the most size-appropriate and energy-efficient system for users’ applications.

“Here at QuantumFlo, we prioritize enhancing our customers’ experience and delivering simple, intuitive information in the pre-engineered pump system industry. calQflo continues to use easily-accessible project information like building dimensions, fixture quantities, power conditions, street pressure and more to find our users’ most energy-efficient systems,” said Carrier. “No other pump system manufacturer offers intelligent booster operating systems and quality services like we do.”

Want to see the full capability of calQflo? Learn more here.

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