When a whisper quiet, submersible solution is needed, turn to the WisperFlo™ product line.

The WisperFlo™ series is a submersible highly compact, customizable package designed for HIGH FLOW – LOW BOOST applications. WisperFlo units include turbine pumps contained inside the system’s piping. These booster systems are suitable for conditions with water temperatures below 95º F (35º C).

    • 304 Stainless Steel frame, headers & interconnection piping
    • Variable speed pressure control
    • VFDs contained and protected inside a NEMA 3R forced-air ventilated enclosure
    • Full color touch screen with troubleshooting, maintenance and downloadable trend charts
    • 100K AIC SCCR Rating
    • Exceeds ASHRAE/ANSI/IES Standard 90.1 Energy Standards
    • Small footprint and versatile configurations to fit challenging mechanical rooms

QuantumFlo’s WisperFlo pump system is a competitive, market-leading system with innovative features included as standard.

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