iQFlo™ 3.0

iQFlo™ 3.0 is the industry's first and only Booster Operating System Software (B.O.S.S.) which ensures our systems perform as efficiently as possible by:

    • Accurately Controlling Pressure Without Hunting
    • Responding Lightning-Fast to Demand
    • Recognizing & Reacting to Pipe Fill Conditions
    • Sensor-less Shutdown Without Hydro-Tanks
    • Providing Customer “Wizards” for All Alarm & Emergency Conditions

We have taken our award-winning iQFlo technology and further simplified the customer experience with version 3.0. The original BOSS has been upgraded with intelligent auto-tuning algorithms for full system, diagnostic and maintenance control with Cloud-based output available. The next generation BOSS is here!

iQFlo 3.0 updates include:

    • Innovative Screen Improvements
    • Increased System Data and Details
    • Self-Diagnosis & Troubleshooting Information
    • How-to-Fix Wizards built-in Guides
    • New Maintenance Monitors
    • And Much More!

iQFlo 3.0 addresses the challenges associated with variable speed domestic water pressure booster control and ensures our pumping systems perform as energy efficient as possible.
This integrated system is a departure from the standard technology, which takes existing firmware on the variable frequency drive (VFD) and basic sequencing code to make it work as efficiently as possible to sequence pumps on or off when demand is present or void. iQFlo 3.0 – a breakthrough in modern VFD pressure control – takes the control off the drive itself and centralizes all decision-making within the programmable logic controller (PLC), which operates at speeds exponentially 100 times faster than the firmware loaded on the variable frequency drive.

iQFlo 3.0 is revolutionary in that it goes beyond today’s VFD booster manufacturers, addressing standby losses and delivering significantly lower life cycle cost while decreasing the payback time period.

With rapid response times and guaranteed motor overload protection, iQFlo 3.0 produces the highest energy savings in the industry. The software and its integration with our most current products, serve as an example of how QuantumFlo is raising the bar on efficiency standards and reducing the carbon footprint of inefficient competing pumping packages.

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