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Save money, increase energy efficiency, AND earn Rewards.

Prove you’re a Genius with calQflo Rewards. Simply use calQflo, the most efficient online booster system sizing and selection software, for all of your projects and earn rewards points. Redeem your calQflo Rewards for QuantumFlo Swag – it’s as simple as that! Your projects will be energy efficient, you’ll look like a Genius AND have the Swag to prove it.

Sign Up for calQflo Rewards:

    1. Sign up for calQflo.
    2. Create an account on the calQflo Rewards site using the same login and password.
    3. Use your home address in your calQflo Rewards account and we’ll mail your Swag directly to you.
    4. Log back into calQflo, size projects and earn points!

Log into calQflo and visit the Help section for video tutorials on account creation and setup.

20-50% Potential Energy Savings over Standard Sizing


Water Harvesting & Reclamation

HVAC Packages


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Proving You’re a Genius Has Never Been Easier

The Industry’s First 5-Year Factory Warranty for Boosters

All QuantumFlo commercial booster systems feature a 5-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

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