Turf & Irrigation

Whether you're designing an irrigation system for a golf course or a small landscape system for a commercial building, QuantumFlo has the product breadth and experience to help.

We offer unmatched performances and advanced system designs for the turf and irrigation market, including a wide range of products that have continued to set us apart. Ranging from packaged pump solutions to custom and specific designs, we help ensure precision irrigation for your needs with everyday reliability.

We’ve tackled many of the industry’s challenges using technology, ranging from commercial projects with large landscape irrigation needs to major golf courses, road-scapes and more. Our designs are simple, light, durable and highly intelligent, helping to ensure a unique solution for your needs.

Our turf and irrigation landscape solutions include a variety of key features:

    • iQFlo™ 3.0 award-winning software, the first “true” pump station operating system in the industry for highest efficiency and performance
    • Proprietary algorithms to improve performance and safety
    • VFD per pump
    • Highest quality design and system at reasonable costs
    • Fastest quote, submittal and representative drawing turnaround in the industry
    • 304 stainless steel frame and piping standard throughout all systems
    • 6″ 256 Color, TFT Touchscreen interface with detailed station feedback and alarms at all times, date stamped with auto-reset functions
    • Individual pump variable frequency – more redundancy during pump outages
    • Low suction/high system audio-visual alarms are standard with monitoring via alarm log, time and date stamped actuation and auto-reset
    • Member of American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association

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