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Understanding that low water pressure can affect homes too, QuantumFlo offers a small, variable speed pump for residential applications that is also available for retail markets.

Whether your problem is a poorly-operating soda fountain or just a low water pressure problem with flush valves, QuantumFlo offers a wide range of solutions for the light commercial and retail market. With an advanced variable speed controller and integral pressure transducer, the Atom automatically adjusts the speed of the motor according to system demand, providing up to 50% energy savings compared to constant speed units.

Explore the features and benefits of our Atom system:

    • Energy and Cost Reducing Solution for Light Commercial and Residential Applications Requires Only Power and a Water Connection
    • Highly Compact Stainless Steel Pump
    • Plug and Play Constant Discharge Pressure, Monitored Automatically
    • Factory Tested and Pre-Set, No Assembly Required
    • Threaded End Connections, Requires Only Power and a Water Connection
    • Low-Noise Solution

All of QuantumFlo’s products are easy to size, price and submit. Quick-Ship is also now available from distributor stock!

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The award-winning technology has been updated to create the industry’s ONLY Booster Operating System Solution (B.O.S.S.).

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