QuantumFlo Launches Breakthrough Operating System — iQFlo

(DeBary, Florida) — QuantumFlo, the world’s leading manufacturer of pre-packaged pump systems for commercial and industrial applications, announced its newest pump efficiency software, iQFlo, an innovative operating system that uses the latest technology in pump regulating to deliver the most efficient and cost-saving booster pumps available.

Based on past experience with variable speed versus constant flow systems, the iQFlo technology capitalizes on measuring and accommodating to variable speed water pressure processes, resulting in noticeable cost and energy savings. Customized through years of experience in the industry, this automated process is designed to optimize pressure to the inconsistent demands of facilities’ contingent pumping situations.

The new operating system, iQFlo, uses an exclusive QuantumFlo algorithm that eliminates typical PID problems in variable speed pressure control. It also enhances power savings and system energy performance, helping in efforts to reduce the carbon footprint of inefficient competing pumping packages. With many facilities seeking solutions that both comply with regulations and save money, QuantumFlo’s iQFlo offers cost-effective solution to fill the needs of the market.

“The innovation of the iQFlo stems from the new technology we have developed, as well as realizing the weaknesses of systems currently used in the market,” says David Carrier, CEO of QuantumFlo. “With our commitment to innovation and efficient solutions, it’s only natural that we brought a pump solution as revolutionary as iQFlo to the market.”

QuantumFlo’s new technology ensures short payback periods on pump retrofits and new pump packages utilizing the new iQFlo system, making it an easy investment for decision makers in the industry. Helping to convey the benefits of the technology, representative partners are available to recommend the most efficient and effective solutions to project managers, architects and industry consultants.

As a member of the US Green Building Council, QuantumFlo supports innovation efforts alongside like-minded representatives who value efficiency in products, services and processes to further deliver the highest quality LEED compliant solutions to the industry.

To learn more about QuantumFlo, its products and solutions, please visit http://www.quantumflo.com.


Media Contacts:

David Carrier
Chief Executive Officer
QuantumFlo, Inc.
Email: dave@quantumflo.com
Phone: 386.753.9702