If everything seems under control, you're not going fast enough.

— Mario Andretti


When pump systems and racing come together, it's one exciting combination.

Drag race driver, Jacob Otto, had an existing business relationship with QuantumFlo. When the opportunity arose in 2012 to elevate that relationship beyond pumps and systems by sponsoring Jacob’s drag racing, QuantumFlo was eager to expand the partnership.

As a dragster driver for QuantumFlo, Jacob’s accomplishments have included:

    • Four Divisional Semi-Final Appearances
    • One Divisional Final Round Appearance
    • Third Place Divisional Ranking
    • Tournament of Champions Qualifier
    • One Divisional Semi-Final Appearance
    • One National Event Round Win

Richard Aliff Motorsports Team

QuantumFlo is also proud to sponsor Richard Aliff Motorsports for the 2018 season. Making a significant name for themselves in 2012 with ten wins in a row and two track championships, the team has accumulated a total of four Track Championships and 35 wins at multiple race tracks in the central North Carolina region since their start in 2010. Their track championships took place at the Southern National Motorsports Park, Wake County Speedway and Orange County Speedway, their race wins at the ACE Speedway, Dillion Speedway and Hickory Speedway. The team has had eight different drivers throughout the years.

Touring Series:Carolina Mini Stock throughout Eastern North Carolina’s race tracks.

Touring Include:Wake County Speedway, Southern National Motorsports Park, Carteret County Speedway, East Carolina Speedway and Dillion Speedway.

    • Team Owner: Richard and Cindy Aliff
    • Team Location: Zebulon, North Carolina
    • 2018 Driver: Les Aliff
    • 2018 Crew Chief: Devon Aliff
    • Make and Model: 91 Honda Prelude
    • Chassis Number: #007
    • Engine: Factory 4 cylinder
    • Engine Builder: Les Aliff, Dennis Shaw, & CHS Specialties.

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