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products quantumflo

With unmatched performance and riveting system designs, QuantumFlo’s wide range of advanced products has continued to set us apart year after year.

From pre-packaged pump solutions to specific designs, QuantumFlo has tackled the many industry challenges of today technologically rather than exclusively through mechanics. Our unique and custom designs are simple, light and durable, compact and most importantly, highly intelligent. Many of QuantumFlo’s innovative pump solutions also include advanced, energy-efficient software and aftermarket applications for the modification, upgrade and retrofit of aging for obsolete pumps systems.

Explore the next generation in system design:

iQFlo™ 2.0 - Integrated into QuantumFlo’s Genius E, Genius V, Wisperflo and Prodigy systems, is our state-of-the-art software that provides an energy-saving feature to our pumping solutions. From contractors to end users, you can now use a green and efficient approach for all of your pumping control needs.

GreenFlo™ - GreenFlo is an advanced algorithm solution built into iQFlo 2.0 to help building owners and operators handle energy consumption regulations. GreenFlo responds to demand, changing and resetting when the load is running low or high. With GreenFlo money is saved with no need for contractors to exceed regulations.

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